Insurance & Pension Policies
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Issuing Company Directory

Listing A

AA Friendly Society
Abacus Friendly Society
Abbey Life Assurance Company Limited
Abbey Life Pensions and Annuities Limited
Abbey National Life plc
Aberdeen and Northern Friendly Society
Aberdeen Asset Management Life & Pensions Limited
Aberdeen International Limited
Aberdeen Life and Pensions
Abraham's Temple No. 12 Independent Order of Mechanics Friendly Society
Abstainers & General
Abtrust International Limited
Acre Friendly Society
Admiral Insurance Company
Aegon Insurance Company (UK) Limited
Aegon Life Assurance Company (UK) Limited
AEGON Scottish Equitable
AEGON Scottish Equitable International plc
Aetna International
Aetna Life
AFLAC Insurance Company Limited
AIG Care
AIG Life (UK)
ALAC (UK) Limited
Alba Life (Individual Policies)
Alba Life Limited (Group Scheme Policies)
Alba Life Limited (Individual Policies)
Albany Life Assurance Company Limited
Albion Friendly Society
Albion Insurance Company Limited
Alder Life
Allchurches Life Assurance Limited
Alliance & Leicester Life Assurance Company Limited
Alliance and Leicester Life Assurance Company Limited
Alliance Assurance Company Limited
Allianz Cornhill Insurance plc
Allied Dunbar Assurance plc
Allied Dunbar Assurance Plc
Ambassador Life Assurance
American Life Insurance Company
Amounderness Friendly Society
Ancient Order of Foresters Friendly Society Limited
Anglo-Saxons Friendly Society
Apollo Friendly Society
Ardwick Union Burial Society
Armstrong Watson Friendly Society
Arrow Life
Asda Insurance
Ashfield House Friendly Society
Ashmore (1966) Limited
Ashton and Dukinfield Reformation Burial Society
Askrigg Equitable and Benevolent Society
Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. (all other policies)
Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. (Annuity or Lifetime Income Bond)
Assurant Group Limited
Atlantic Assurance Company Limited
Atlas Assurance Company Limited
Atlas Assurance Company Limited
Atlas Riggerist Limited
Australian Mutual Provident Society
Avon Insurance plc
Avon Insurance Plc
AXA Equity & Law Life Assurance Society Plc
AXA Equity : Etonian & General Life
AXA Equity and Law
AXA Insurance Plc
AXA Sun Life Plc
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