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In the early 90’s I took out a pension policy with Provident Mutual. It was for my National Insurance rebates, so I wasn’t actually “paying” money into the policy. Over the years I received statements and communications from a host of insurers, as I had quite a few other insurance policies (including car, home, travel, mortgage, life, etc.). I never really noticed that I no longer received anything from Provident Mutual - what had happened to them?

Well, Provident Mutual was acquired by General Accident which then merged with Commercial Union to form CGU. Sometime later CGU merged with Norwich Union to form ‘CGNU – Norwich Union’ which also traded under Norwich Union brand, and it is now in the process of rebranding itself as Aviva.

It was time consuming and confusing to sort out what policies I actually had and who was now looking after them. What I would have given for a website like where I could simply type Provident Mutual into the search engine and immediately discover that Norwich Union was the current administrator of my policy.
SLB 2007

A few years ago my 93-year-old Great Aunt moved house and it was left to me to notify all relevant organisations of her change of address. A simple process, one would imagine; but no, it turned out to be a long and drawn out affair.

I rang the various insurance companies and asked them to send a change of address form to my Great Aunt, the policyholder, – they all refused saying that they could not deal with the request because I wasn’t the policyholder. I created letters with all of the change of address details and my Great Aunt signed and posted them. Most of the companies then sent back their own change of address form, which had to be filled in and returned. It was double work for us and double work for the insurance companies.

It all took about a month. In future, it will be great to be able to go to the website, type in the insurance company name and then download the appropriate form for the policy in question – so simple!!
BMC 2008

I recently changed my bank account and had the added hassle of changing Direct Debits for my utilities. Fortunately my brother looks after all of the insurance policies for my extended family, so I thought that that would be one less company to contact. My brother sent an email to the insurance company requesting a blank Direct Debit form - three weeks later the form arrived pre-printed with my brother’s details - what a waste of time!!! Wouldn't it be great to have a site like where I could download a standard document without any hassle?
AEB 2008

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