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Bank & Building Society Accounts

Issuing Company Directory

Listing C

Caledonian Insurance Company
Caledonian Life
Canada Life Assurance Company of Great Britain Limited, The
Canada Life Limited
Cannon Assurance Limited
Cannon Lincoln
Canterbury Life Assurance Company Limited
Capital Life
Cardif Pinnacle
Cargill Friendly Society
Carlisle Funeral Friendly Society
Carlyle Life Assurance Company Limited
Carolgate Friendly Society, The
Casbah-Wise Friendly Society
Cassidy Davis Life - Syndicate 779
Castle Friendly Society
Casualty & General Insurance Company Limited
Cavendish Insurance
CCL Assurance
Century Insurance Company Limited
Century Insurance Company Limited, The
Century Insurance Company Ltd
Century Life Assurance Company Limited
Century Life International
Century Life plc
CGNU plc
CGU Insurance plc
CGU International Insurance plc
Chalk Farm Friendly Society
Chartered Life
Charterhouse Magna
Chesnara plc
Cheval Assurance Limited (Healthcare & Protection Policies)
Cheval Assurance Limited (Investment & Pension Policies)
Children's Mutual, The
Chiltern Hills Friendly Society
Chingford and Wickford Friendly Society
Choir Benevolent Fund
Chorley Family Funeral and Friendly Assurance Society
Church and Hillage Burial Society
Church Benefit
Church Burial Society of S. Alban the Martyr. Holborn
Churchill Insurance Group Plc
CIC Insurance - Co-operative Insurance of Australia
Cirencester Friendly Society Limited
Citibank Assurance Company Limited
Citibank Life
Citiinsurance Life Assurance Company Limited
City Life (Ordinary Branch Life business)
City Mutual Assurance Jersey & Guernsey Collecting Societies
City of Birmingham Friendly Society (policies started before 01/01/1997)
City of Birmingham Friendly Society (policies started on or after 01/01/1997)
City of Edinburgh Life Assurance Company Limited
City of Glasgow Friendly Society
City of London
City of Westminster Assurance Company Limited
Civil Servants' Annuities Assurance Society
Civil Service Healthcare Society Limited
Civil Service Medical Aid Association, The
Clerical Medical and General Life Assurance Society
Clerical Medical Investment Group Limited
Click Financial Limited
Clough Friendly Society
Co-operative Insurance Society Limited
Colmore Friendly Society
Colonial Life Insurance Company (UK)
Colonial Life UK Group
Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society Limited, The
Colonial Mutual Life Unit Assurance Limited
Colonial Pension Funds UK Limited
Colville Friendly Society
Combined Life Assurance (Non Unit Linked Life & Pensions)
Combined Life Assurance Company Limited (Unit Linked Life & Pensions)
Combined Life Insurance Services
Commercial Union (CU)
Commercial Union Assurance Company plc
Commercial Union Assurance of UK Limited
Commercial Union Assurance of United Kingdom Limited
Commercial Union Assurance Unit Trust
Commercial Union Life Assurance Company Limited
Commercial Union Pensions Management Limited
Communication Workers Friendly Society
Compass Friendly Society Limited
Confederation Life Insurance Company (UK) Limited
Consolidated Life Assurance Company Limited
Consumers Life Insurance Company Limited
Continental Life
Continental Pensions
Contingency Insurance Company Limited, The
Continuous Dataprint Friendly Society
Corinthian Insurance Company Limited
Cornhill Direct Life
Cornhill Life
Countrywide Assurance
Countrywide Assured plc
County Assurance Collecting Society
Coventry Assurance Society
Coventry Benevolent Burial Collecting Society
Coventry Benevolent Society
Credit & Commerce (UK)
Credit & Commerce Life Assurance Limited
Crescent Life (Group Scheme Policies)
Crescent Life (Individual Policies)
Criterion Insurance Company Limited
Criterion Life Assurance Limited
Crowe Life
Crown Assurance Company
Crown Financial Management Life
Crown Group Pension Portfolio
Crown Life & Pensions Limited
Crown Life Assurance Company Limited
Crown Life Insurance Company Limited
Crown Life Pensions Limited
Crusader Insurance Company Limited (Group Scheme Policies)
Crusader Insurance Company Limited (Individual Policies)
Crusader Insurance plc (Group Scheme Policies)
Crusader Insurance plc (Individual Policies)
CS Healthcare
CU Life
Cumberland Life Assurance Company Limited
Customs Annuity & Benevolent Fund, The
Customs Annuity and Benevolent Fund Inc.
Customs Fund, The
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