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F&C Asset Management plc
Fairfield Collecting Society
Family Assurance Friendly Society Limited
Family Assurance Friendly Society Limited
Family Investments
Family Life Assurance Limited
Farmers' Commercial Insurance Limited
Farringdon Reliance Friendly Collecting Society
Farringdon Reliance Mutual Insurance Society Limited
Fayre Oaks Friendly Society
Federated Employers'
Federation General Insurance Company Limited
Federation Mutual Insurance
FHP Partnership Friendly Society
Fidelity Burial Society
Fidelity Life Assurance Limited
Fine Arts Provident Institution
Fire Service Friendly Society
Fleet Friendly Society
Fleming Life Limited
Ford Sick Benefit Society
Foreman & Staff Mutual Benefit Society (Group Scheme Policies)
Foreman & Staff Mutual Benefit Society (Individual Policies)
Foreman's Mutual Benefit Society
Forester Life Limited
Foresters Friendly Society
Fortress Insurance Company Limited
Fox Brooks Marshall Friendly Society
FP Financial Management Limited
FP Life Assurance Limited
Framlington Life Insurance Limited
Fraser Friendly Society
Fraternity of Dyers in Linlithgow
Free Gardeners Friendly Society
Friend Indeed Friendly Society
Friends Indeed Friendly Society Limited
Friends Ivory & Sime Managed Pension Funds Limited
Friends Ivory & Sime plc
Friends Provident & Century Life Office
Friends Provident (London and Manchester) Assurance Limited
Friends Provident Corporate Pensions Limited
Friends Provident International
Friends Provident Life and Pensions Limited
Friends Provident Life Assurance Limited
Friends Provident Life Office
Friends Provident Life Office (Industrial Assurance Business)
Friends Provident Managed Pension Funds Limited
Friends Provident Pensions Limited
Friends Provident Unit Trust Managers Ltd
FS Assurance Limited (Group Scheme Policies)
FS Assurance Limited (Individual Policies)
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