Insurance & Pension Policies
Bank & Building Society Accounts

Issuing Company Directory

Listing G

GAN Life and Pensions Plc
GAN UK plc
GE Insurance Holdings
GE Life
GE Pensions Limited
Gen Re UK
General Accident (GA)
General Accident Fire and Life Assurance Corporation plc
General Accident Life Assurance Limited
General Accident Linked Life Assurance Limited
General Accident Pensions Management Limited
General Federation of Trade Unions Friendly and Collecting Society
General Friendly Society
General Life Assurance Company
General Portfolio Life Insurance plc
Generali (all other policies)
Generali (Annuity or Lifetime Income Bond)
GER Employees Sick & Orphan Society
Girlings Friendly Society
GL & P plc
Globe Insurance Company Limited (policies started before 01/01/1997)
Globe Insurance Company Limited (policies started on or after 01/01/1997)
Good Intent Burial Collecting Society
Goodyear Relief Society
Gorton Humane Friendly Society
Gowers Friendly Society
Graham & Sibbald Friendly Society
Grand Lodge of the UK Independent Order of English Mechanics Friendly Society (Preston Unity)
Grand Order of Israel & Shield of David Friendly Society
Grand Protestant Loyal Orange Society
Grand United Order of Oddfellows Friendly Society
GRE (UK) Limited
GRE Life Ireland Limited
Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive Employees' Friendly Society
Gresham Fire & Accident
Gresham Insurance Company Limited
Gresham Life Assurance Society Limited
Gresham Mortgage
Gresham Unit Assurance
Griffin Life
Grosvenor Life
Group Plans Marketing Limited
Growth & Secured Life Assurance Society Limited
Guardian Assurance Company Limited
Guardian Assurance plc
Guardian Direct Limited
Guardian Eastern Insurance Company Limited
Guardian Employee Benefits
Guardian Financial Services
Guardian Life Services
Guardian Linked Life Assurance
Guardian Pensions Management Limited
Guardian Royal Exchange Assurance plc
Gunn Inn Friendly Society
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