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Bank & Building Society Accounts

Issuing Company Directory

Listing H

Halifax Equitable plc
Halifax Life Limited
Hambro Assured
Hambro Guardian Assurance plc
Hambro Life Assurance Limited
Hampshire and General Friendly Society
Hartford Life Limited
Hartford, The
Harvest Friendly Society
Health Shield Friendly Society Limited
Healthy Investment
Hearts of Oak Benefit Collecting Society
Hearts of Oak Benefit Society
Hearts of Oak Friendly Society
Hearts of Oak Friendly Society Limited
Hearts of Oak Insurance Company
Henderson Global Investors
Hibernian Mutual Assurance Collecting Society
Hill Osborne Friendly Society
Hill Samuel Life Assurance Limited
Hiscox Insurance Company Limited
Hiscox Life Insurance Company Limited
HL Friendly Society
Hodge Equity Release
Hodge Life Assurance Company Limited
Holborn and Metropolitan Counties Society
Holloway Friendly Society Limited
Home Protect
Home Reversions
Homeowners Friendly Society Limited
Honest View Burial Society
Honour and Honesty Burial Society
Hope Assurance Society, The
Hope Burial Society
Household & General
HSBC Group Medical Scheme
HSBC Life (UK) Limited
Humane Friendly Collecting Society
Humane Perseverance Sick & Burial Society
Hume Good Intent Collecting Society
Hunt Servants Benefit Society
Hunt Staff Benefit Society
Hyde Philanthropic Society
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