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Listing L

L A P Friendly Society
L S C P Friendly Society
L W M Friendly Society
Lady Grover's Hospital Fund for Officers' Families
Lamb & Holmes Friendly Society
Lamont Life Assurance Company Limited
Lancashire & Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society
Lancashire & Yorkshire Assurance Society Limited
Lancaster Assurance Collecting Society
Landau Morley Friendly Society
Langham Life Assurance Company Limited
LAS Investment Assurance Limited
LAS Pensions Management (LASPEN)
Laurentian Financial Group
Laurentian Life
Law Reversionary Interest Society Limited
Law Union & Rock Insurance Company Limited
Leach Bright Friendly Society
Leeds District of the Ancient Order of Foresters Investment Association
Leeds Life Assurance
Leek Assurance Collecting Society
Legal & General (Unit Assurance) Limited
Legal & General (Unit Pensions) Limited
Legal & General Assurance (Pensions Management) Limited
Legal & General Assurance Society Limited
Legal & General Group plc
Legal & General Life Assurance Society
Legal and General Assurance Society Limited
Legal and General Life Assurance Society
Legal Co-operative Collecting Society
Legg Partnership Friendly Society
Leicester District Foresters' Investment Society
Leigh Friendly Collecting Society
Liberty Life Assurance Company Limited
Licenses and General Insurance Company Limited, The
Life & Equity
Life Association of Scotland Limited (Group Scheme Policies)
Life Association of Scotland Limited (Individual Policies)
Life Fund of British National Insurance Company Limited
Life Insurance Corporation of India
Life, Casualty & General Insurance Company Limited
Lifetime Assurance Company Limited (UK Branch)
Lifetime Care
Lincoln - Imperial
Lincoln Assurance
Lincoln Financial Group
Lincoln Life Assurance Company Limited, The
Lincoln Life Assurance Company Ltd
Lincoln National
Lincoln UK
Lindsey House Friendly Society
Lion Insurance Company Limited, The
Liverpool City Police Funeral Society
Liverpool London & Globe Insurance Company Limited
Liverpool Protective Assurance Society
Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society Limited
Liverpool Victoria Legal Friendly Society
Liverpool Victoria Life Company Limited
Lloyd's Life Assurance (Isle of Man) Limited
Lloyd's Life Assurance Limited
Lloyd's Syndicate 308 - Kiln Life
Lloyd's Syndicate 389
Lloyd's Syndicate 44 - Bassett Life
Lloyd's Syndicate 779 - Cassidy Davis Life
Lloyds TSB Life Assurance Company Limited
LMS Railway Running Department Insurance Society
Lombard International Assurance SA
Lonach Highland and Friendly Society
London & Edinburgh Insurance Company Limited
London & Edinburgh Insurance Group Limited
London & Edinburgh Life
London & Edinburgh Life Assurance Company Limited (Creditor Life business)
London & Lancashire Insurance Company Limited, The
London & Manchester (Managed Funds) Limited
London & Manchester (Pensions) Limited
London & Manchester Assurance Company Limited
London & Manchester Group
London Aberdeen & Northern Collecting Society
London Aberdeen & Northern Mutual Assurance Society Limited
London and Edinburgh Life
London and Manchester (Managed Funds) Limited
London and Manchester (Pensions) Limited
London and Manchester Assurance Company Limited
London Assurance, The
London Country Bus Services Limited Employees' Friendly Society
London Fire Brigade Widows' and Orphans' Friendly Society
London General Life Company Limited
London Indemnity and General Insurance Company Limited
London Life Association Limited, The
London Life Limited
London Life Linked Assurances Limited
London Life Managed Funds Limited
London Midland & Scottish Railway Enginemens' Assurance Society
London Midland & Scottish Railway Running Department Insurance Society
London Midland and Scottish Railway (Northern) Friendly Society
London Midland and Scottish Railway Salaried Staff (Emergency Fund) Friendly Society
London, Edinburgh & Glasgow
Long Lane Friendly Society
Loyal Endeavour Friendly Society (policies started before 01/01/1997)
Loyal Endeavour Friendly Society (policies started on or after 01/01/1997)
Loyal Erewash Valley Lodge
Loyal Hearts Friendly Collecting Society
Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds (Ashton Unity) Friendly Society, The
Lutine Assurance Services Limited
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