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M & G Life Assurance Company Limited
M & G Pensions and Annuity Company Limited
M & G Trust (Annuities)
M&S Life
Macclesfield General Burial Society
Macclesfield No 1 General Burial Society
Macclesfield Sutton Hurdsfield No 2 Burial Society
Mace & Jones Friendly Society
Manchester and Districts of the Ancient Order of Foresters Investment Association
Manchester Unity Friendly Society
Manchester Unity Life Assurance Collecting Society
Manchester Unity Life Insurance Collecting Society
Manor House Friendly Society Limited
Manufacturers Life Insurance Company Limited, The
Marine and General Mutual Life Assurance Society
Marks and Spencer Life Assurance Limited
Marshall Friendly Society
Martins Bank
Medical Sickness Annuity & Life Assurance Society Limited
Medical Sickness Society
Medical, Clerical & General Life Assurance Society
Merchant Investors Assurance Company Limited
Meridian Global Funds Management (Europe) Ltd
Merrill Lynch Pensions Limited
Merseyside Police Benefit Friendly Society
Merseyside Police Funeral Society
Methodist Insurance Plc
Methodist Ministers' Annuitant Society
MetLife Limited
Metropolitan Police Friendly Society Limited
MGM Advantage
MGM Assurance
Middle Hillgate Benevolent Burial Collecting Society
Midland Assurance Limited
Midland Counties Colliery Officials' and Staff's Friendly Society
Midland Counties Miners' Permanent Relief Society
Midland District Miners' Fatal Accident Relief Society
Midland Farmers Mutual Insurance Society Limited
Midland Life
Midland Mutual
Migdal Insurance Company Ltd.
Millbrook Permanent Annuitant Society
Miners Loyal Endeavour
Minster Insurance Company Limited
Mitre House Friendly Society
MLC Life Limited (UK Branch business)
Momentum Group Limited
Monarch Assurance plc
Moneywise Friendly Society
Monmouthshire & South Wales Miners' Permanent Relief Society
Moore Stephens Friendly Society
Moorgate Friendly Society
MORE TH>N (after January 2003 policies)
MORE TH>N (before January 2003 policies)
Morrow Personal Financial Planning Friendly Society
Most Friendly Burial Collecting Society, The
Multiple Health & Life
Municipal Life Assurance Limited
Municipal Mutual Insurance Limited
Musbury Friendly Burial Society
Mutual Assurance Fund at the Midland Bank
Mutual Life & Citizens (UK business)
Mutual Life Assurance
Mutual Property
Mutual Property Life & General
Mutual Prosperity
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