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N & P Life Assurance Limited
N&P Life Assurance Limited
Nat Provident Life
Nat West Life
Nation Life Insurance Company Limited (Industrial Branch business)
Nation Life Insurance Company Limited (Ordinary Branch business)
National & Colonial
National & General Insurance Company (UK) Limited
National Ambulance Friendly Society
National Australia Life Company Limited
National Bank Staff Life Assurance (London) Society
National Benevolent and Assurance Society
National Book Trade Provident Institution
National Book Trade Provident Society
National Deposit Friendly Society Limited
National Employers' Life Assurance Company Limited
National Equalized Druids Friendly Society
National Farmers Union Mutual
National Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Society Limited, The
National Financial management Corporation
National Friendly
National Friendly Collecting Society (policies started before 01/01/1997)
National Friendly Collecting Society (policies started on or after 01/01/1997)
National Independent Oddfellows Friendly Society
National Independent Order of Oddfellows Friendly Society
National Mutual Home Loans plc
National Mutual Life Association of Australasia Limited, The
National Mutual Life Assurance Society
National Mutual Life Limited
National Mutual Life of Australasia
National Mutual Pensions Limited
National News Guild Sickness Benefit Scheme
National Provident Institution
National Provident Insurance
National Provident Life
National Reversionary Investment Company
National Standard Life Assurance Corporation Limited
National Westminster Life Assurance Limited
National Window & General Cleaners' Assurance Society
Nationwide Life Limited
NatWest Life
NDF Administration Limited
Neill Clark & Plant Hill Friendly Society
NEL Britannia Assurance Company
NEL Britannia Life Assurance Company Limited
NEL Britannic International
NEL International
NEL Pensions Limited
NEL Permanent Health Insurances Limited
Neston Female Friendly Society
New Era Assurance Corporation (Industrial Branch Business)
New Excelsior
New Improvement Burial Society
New India
New Life Friendly Society
New Tab Friendly Society
New Windsor
New Zealand Life
Newbridge Road Assurance Society
NFU Mutual
NM Financial Management Limited
NM Funds Management (Europe) Ltd
NM Life Association of Australasia Ltd
NM Life Assurance Limited
NM Life Limited
NM Life of Australasia
NM Pensions Limited
NM Schroder (Portfolio) Nominees Ltd
NM Schroder Financial Management International Ltd
NM Schroder Financial Management Limited
NM Schroder Financial Services Ltd
NM Schroder Life Assurance International Ltd
NM Schroder Life Assurance Limited
NM Schroder Nominees (Guernsey) Ltd
NM Schroder Pension Trustees Ltd
NM Schroder Unit Trust Managers Ltd
Noble Lowndes Annuities
Nordea Life & Pensions Limited
Norfolk & Norwich Benevolent Medical Society
North Atlantic Insurance Company Limited
North British & Mercantile Insurance Company Limited
North Staffordshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society
North Staffordshire Provident Association
North Wales Miners' Permanent Relief Society
Northern Assurance Company Limited, The
Northumberland & Durham Miners' Permanent Relief Fund
Norwich Union
Norwich Union Asset Management Limited
Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society Limited
Norwich Union Insurance Group (Pensions Management) Limited
Norwich Union Life
Norwich Union Life & Pensions Limited
Norwich Union Life Insurance Society
Norwich Union Pensions Management Limited
Nottingham Friendly Society
Nottingham Oddfellows Assurance Friendly Society Limited
Nottingham Oddfellows Friendly Society
NPI Limited
Nurserymen & Market Gardeners'
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