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Issuing Company Directory

Listing T

Target Annuities
Target Life Assurance Company Limited
Teachers Assurance Company Limited
Teachers Group
Teachers Provident Society Limited
Teesside Workmen's Welfare Fund Friendly Society
Temple Friendly Society
Templeton Life Assurance Limited
The Benenden Healthcare Society Ltd.
The Berkeley Assurance Society
The Bishopcourt Group
The British General Insurance Company Limited
The British Life Office Limited
The British Oak Insurance Company Limited
The British United Provident Association
The Canada Life Assurance Company of Great Britain Limited
The Carolgate Friendly Society
The Century Insurance Company Limited
The Children's Mutual
The Civil Service Medical Aid Association
The Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society Limited
The Contingency Insurance Company Limited
The Customs Annuity & Benevolent Fund
The Customs Fund
The Dentists' & General Mutual Benefit Society Limited
The Dentists' Provident Society Limited
The Equitable Life Assurance Society
The Equitable Life Assurance Society (non-profit pension annuities)
The Equitable Life Assurance Society (with-profit annuities)
The Essex and Suffolk Equitable Insurance Society
The Hartford
The Hope Assurance Society
The Ideal Benefit Society
The Ideal Insurance Company Limited
The Imperial Life Assurance Company of Canada
The Independent Order of Foresters
The Independent Order of Odd Fellows Manchester Unity Friendly Society
The Independent Order of Rechabites
The Independent Order of Rechabites, Salford Unity, Friendly Society
The Kensington Friendly Collecting Society Limited
The Licenses and General Insurance Company Limited
The Life Association of Scotland Limited (Individual Policies)
The Lincoln Life Assurance Company Limited
The Lion Insurance Company Limited
The London & Lancashire Insurance Company Limited
The London Assurance
The London Life Association Limited
The Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds (Ashton Unity) Friendly Society
The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company Limited
The Most Friendly Burial Collecting Society
The National Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Society Limited
The National Mutual Life Association of Australasia Limited
The Northern Assurance Company Limited
The Oddfellows
The Order of Sons of Temperance Friendly Society
The Original Holloway Friendly Society Limited
The Pendle Insurance Company Limited
The Pennine Insurance Company Limited
The Pension Annuity Friendly Society Limited
The Planet Assurance
The Prudential Assurance Company Limited
The Rechabite Friendly Society Limited
The Red Rose Friendly Society Limited
The Royal Bank of Scotland Staff Healthcare Friendly Society
The Royal Exchange Assurance
The Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Limited
The Royal National Pension Fund for Nurses
The Schoolteachers Friendly Society
The Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society Limited
The Scottish Mutual Assurance Society (Healthcare & Protection Policies)
The Scottish Mutual Assurance Society (Investment & Pension Policies)
The Scottish Provident Institution (Healthcare & Protection Policies)
The Scottish Provident Institution (Investment & Pension Policies)
The Sea Insurance Company
The Shepherds Friendly Society Limited
The Southern Life Association Limited
The Standard Life Assurance Company
The State Assurance Company Limited
The United Kingdom Commercial Travellers' Benefit Society
The University Life Assurance Society
The Welsh Baptist Assurance Company Limited
The Welsh Baptist Assurance Partnership
The Yorkshire Insurance Company Limited
Thorncliffe & Rochingham (Yorkshire) Miners' Permanent Relief Society
Threadneedle Pensions Limited
Time Assurance Society
Touche Ross Friendly Society
Tower House Friendly Society
Tower Insurance, Isle of Man
TPFL Limited
Trade Union Friendly Society
Transamerica Occidental Company
Transamerica Occidental Life Insurance
Transatlantic & General
Transatlantic Life Assurance Company Limited
Transinternational Life
Transport Friendly Society Limited
Transport Hospital Fund
Travellers Life
Trident Investors Life
Trident Life Assurance Company Limited
TSB Life Limited
Tunbridge Wells Equitable Friendly Society
Tunbridge Wells Equitable Investments Company Limited
Tunbridge Wells Friendly Society
Tunstall and District Assurance Collecting Society
Tunstall Assurance Friendly Society Limited
Tunstall Benevolent Burial Society
Tyndall Life
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