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Court Funds Office Unclaimed Balances

Unclaimed balances

An unclaimed balance refers to an account that has been opened in the Court Funds Office, from monies lodged, and where no movement of funds into or out of the account has taken place for a period of 10 years.

The Unclaimed Balances Section of the Court Funds Office investigates any case it receives if the value of the account is £400 or more. The first stage of the investigation is to obtain and collate all possible sources of account information. This will usually consist of the details held by the Court Funds Office' live Funds Accounting System or its financial archives, a Lodgement Schedule and possibly a Paying In Affidavit. Once this is completed, the investigation proceeds to the tracing stage.

Contact Details

Court Funds Office - UB Section
22 Kingsway

Telephone: 0845 223 8500

Fax: 020 7947 7967



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