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Implied Warranty

A warranty that is not expressed in the policy specifically, but which is understood by both parties to be incorporated in the contract. An implied warranty must be strictly complied with and in the event of a breach of warranty the insurer is discharged from liability as from the breach of the date, but the insurer may waive the breach or the breach may be waived by Statute.

Do you have old policies lying about? Perhaps it's a term or whole of life insurance, pension, endowment, bond or an annuity policy. Or do you receive statements for a policy which you are unsure about? Why not use Policy Detective to find the answers.

Which company now looks after your policy? Who can you contact about your policy? What do all those words and phrases on my policy document actually mean?

Policy Detective is a UK company for UK customers. We help you to track-down the Administrators for policies which you or your loved ones may have in the bureau or the attic. You never know how much money there could be in that old policy. It's not easy to find this information, as companies through time are taken-over, merge with other companies and even change their names. We can help you find the company which now deals with your policy. Some companies even allow us to check the status of your policy.

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