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Tracing a pension scheme

It can be easy to lose track of a pension if you have changed jobs a number of times through your working life and lost contact with a previous employer and their pension scheme.
The Pension Tracing Service can help you trace a pension even if you're not sure of the contact details. It has access to a database of over 200,000 occupational and personal pension schemes. This database can be used, free of charge, to search for a scheme.
The Pension Tracing Service may be able to provide you with current contact details for a pension scheme. You can then use this information to contact the pension provider and establish any pension entitlement you may have.

Things to check for

The more information you can give the Pension Tracing Service, the more likely you'll get an up-to-date contact address for the pension scheme you're tracing.
If you are trying to trace an occupational pension scheme, start by working out:

  • whether the employer traded under a different name
  • the type of business the employer ran
  • whether the employer changed address at any time

If you are trying to trace a personal pension scheme, start by working out:

  • the name of the personal pension scheme
  • the address where the personal pension scheme was run from
  • the name of the insurance company involved with the personal pension scheme

Contact Details

Pension Tracing Service
Tyneview Park
Whitley Road
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE98 1BA

Telephone: 0845 60 60 265


Trace a pension scheme: 0845 6002 537

Pension Tracing Service Information.

Trace a pension - Online.

It may also be worth contacting The Pensions Regulator, which is the UK regulator of work-based pension schemes. It can put you in touch with the present pension trustees of your old scheme who will then help you claim any benefits.

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